P-Brain Media builds WordPress websites and integrates other platforms and tools such as email marketing, customer relationship management, productivity, scheduling software, forms and surveys, and more.

If you aren’t sure what tech tools would streamline your business or nonprofit, we can help you figure that out. We won’t overwhelm you with tech-speak and we won’t suggest building a digital presence that’s beyond your resources to maintain.

If you’ve struggled to find help with technology needs for your small operation, we’re here for you.

Every client project starts with learning about how your venture operates — including what works well and what’s janky — and developing digital solutions that meet your needs.

We put all our project proposals in writing and make it clear what participation we’ll need from you to get your website or other project done. We build reviews into our process to ensure we’re on the right track.

We’ll provide clear documentation of the key elements of your website including login credentials and maintenance basics, to help you build your in-house knowledge.

For more than 20 years, the people behind P-Brain Media have helped clients define communication goals, craft clear and compelling content and reach their desired audiences online and off.

Our background in print media and publishing gives us perspective and strategic insight into how to make both online and offline communications work for your enterprise. We think “information” is the most important part of “information technology.”

A thoughtful approach to digital strategy and presence can yield major benefits to ventures of all types and sizes. P-Brain Media can help define and implement those strategies, freeing you to focus on the core work of your business or nonprofit. We aim to empower our clients and help them build internal capacity and competence with technology.

Our People