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Peri Pakroo

P-Brain Media's Director Peri Pakroo is a writer, editor and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in publishing and new media. Peri holds a law degree and has specific expertise in small business issues. She is the author of several books on small businesses and nonprofits: The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit (1st edition, 2010), The Small Business Start-Up Kit (6th edition, 2010), The Small Business Start-Up Kit for California (8th edition, 2010) and Starting & Building a Nonprofit (4th edition, 2011), all published by Nolo ( See the Bookstore for more details or to purchase these titles. Her blog is at

In addition to managing P-Brain's media development projects, Peri provides consulting and coaching services to businesses and nonprofits, focusing on start-up, strategy, business planning, program development, board management and communication issues. She teaches adult education courses at WESST ( in Albuquerque, a nonprofit whose mission is to facilitate entrepreneurship among women and minorities in the state of New Mexico. Peri is active in supporting local, independent businesses and is a co-founder of the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance (

Peri has worked extensively with print periodicals, including heading the editorial departments of two weekly newspapers and a monthly magazine. Peri also works with digital video and has produced broadcast television commercials, trade show videos and promotional CD-ROMs.

Peri started P-Brain Media with a strong belief in the value of quality content. Intelligent, compelling information is at the heart of Peri's commitment to her clients.

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Books by P-Brain Director Peri Pakroo
The Women's Small Business Start-Up KitP-Brain Media’s Director Peri Pakroo has written extensively on business, nonprofit and legal issues and is the author of several books published by Nolo. You can purchase any of Peri's books from through our bookstore. VISIT BOOKSTORE >