How can technology serve you?

Technology should serve business strategy.

Technology should serve social connection.

Technology should serve knowledge-building and community development and human flourishing, and so many more forces for good.

But too often, technology siphons our time and energies, leaving us to feel that we are at its mercy. We’re depleted by too much screen time and demoralized at the endless problems to solve, especially when our businesses and livelihoods depend on it.

P-Brain gets it. We have been there. We are soaking in it.

We aim to bring things back into balance by serving as a supportive tech advisor and service provider for small businesses, solopreneurs and nonprofits. By engaging in continual learning and a systematic approach to problem-solving, we are adept at breaking through the common tech challenges faced by regular businesses and professionals.

We know how demanding it is to run a business or nonprofit, and how little extra bandwidth there is to deal with ever-changing tech tools and systems. So we charge reasonable rates to help you with things that will take us a fraction of the time it would take a novice to do.

Our goal is to empower and enable our clients to focus on the parts of their ventures that they’re the best at. We do this by finding the right tools that meet your needs at the right level, with as little disruption as possible. We’ll clarify the things you’ll need to learn, provide training and handholding as needed, and provide whatever support you need to build your in-house capacity.

Contact us for a free consultation and review of your tech needs.