The Systems That Keep Us Going

Over on her author/business-coaching website, our founder, director and resident systems nerd Peri Pakroo has put up a juicy new blog post that delves into some of the ways we create and maintain our own company systems behind the scenes. Something that sets P-Brain Media apart from other firms building WordPress websites is our emphasis on fine-tuning digital strategy for small ventures and nonprofits. A website is one component in a larger digital environment serving your organization’s needs and goals. Systems are the mechanics of how that happens. As Peri writes,

When bandwidth is limited (we are truly a tiny company so we know this well), it’s critical to automate, streamline and troubleshoot the systems that directly result in money in the bank. These are the systems to prioritize.

Peri Pakroo, Notes from a Systems Nerd

Peri points out that systems are not built in a day, nor are they one-and-done. For small businesses, solopreneurs and nonprofits especially, systems and processes require regular tweaking. She goes into a lot more detail about our approach, and especially the connection between strong systems and a clear mission and values statement — check out the rest on her post.

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