Digital Office Support

Websites, plugins, forms, automations, platform integrations and more

Whether we built your WordPress site or someone else did, we can help you maintain and revise it to grow with your business or organization.

You can request help when you need it, or retain P-Brain as your digital support partner.

If you’re like most small businesses and nonprofits, you find it a challenge to keep up with technology, your website and your digital world. P-Brain Media can help you:

  • Implement or fine-tune integrations like email marketing, client management and more
  • Implement forms and automations to streamline systems
  • Develop updated documentation of technology, processes and systems
  • Add new features to your site like an events calendar, online scheduling or ecommerce
  • Refresh the design or templates at your site
  • Update the WordPress installation or plugins
  • Fix problems like broken layouts, bugs or integrations that aren’t working right
  • Help with your Google Business Profile listing and social media
  • Define and implement simple traffic development and marketing strategies
  • Define key metrics for your business and create systems to organize data and create reports

We’ll learn about your business and customize solutions for your unique situation. We offer flexible billing options.

Our mission is to serve small businesses and nonprofits with accessible technology and business management support. Contact us today to discuss your projects and needs.

Let’s Talk About What You Need!

  • P-Brain can be your technology partner, providing services upon request or retainer.
  • With reliable web and tech support, you can focus on growing your business!
  • P-Brain can also help with content and brand development, audio / video production and other communications services, either in-house or with one of our partners.
  • Click “Inquire About Services” below to set up a free call or Zoom to discuss your needs.
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We believe in transparent pricing.

No one likes surprises, especially with service fees. P-Brain’s detailed estimates, methodical workflow and regular communication will keep projects on budget.

We can help with critical issues like:

  • Website is down or malfunctioning
  • Pages are inaccessible or layouts are broken
  • Certain plugins have stopped working
  • Email addresses don’t work
  • Integrations are not working correctly

We can also help with common tasks like:

  • Editing website template and content
  • Implementing a new feature, plugin or integration
  • Updating WordPress core or plugins
  • Setting up new email addresses
  • Optimizing for mobile

Contact us to discuss your needs and get a detailed estimate.

How does P-Brain work with clients?

We know it can be challenging to outsource tech help. We aim to make it easy to work with us and offer flexible service options, including retainer arrangements and standard services agreements.


Retain P-Brain for a set amount of work each month. Our retainer contracts can scale up or down flexibly to accommodate evolving needs.

Services Upon Request

With a standard services agreement, you simply contact us when you need help. We’ll provide estimates for your approval before starting work, and bill when done.

Request P-Brain’s Billing Rates Schedule
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Collaborate, Integrate, Activate

The tech landscape can be complicated. So many tools and platforms, made by different companies using different technologies — and each one vital to keeping your business or nonprofit running smoothly. Shouldn’t they all work together?

Integrations are the magic that connect your key digital operations.

P-Brain can help you implement optional WordPress integrations such as:

  • Email list platforms (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.)
  • Ecommerce applications (WooCommerce, Shopify)
  • Online scheduling tools (Calendly, Acuity)
  • Zapier integrations to connect custom platform combinations

Featured Clients

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Our expertise in strategic business consulting guides all our projects. We’ll suggest tech solutions to streamline your operations and expand your reach.

Our clients say:

The team at P-Brain are outstanding!

They are creative, organized, nimble, helpful, and easy to work with. Our situation was unique as we were making big changes to our 27-year-old organization. We were figuring things out as we went and P-Brain was always kind and supportive, allowing us to shift while offering suggestions and support. They were the absolute best.
Juli Hendren
Director of Revo Inc

Peri and Ana are incredibly smart, efficient and responsive!

They were methodical in their approach to understanding our website needs and didn’t waste a minute getting it built! It is not only 100% functional (all integrations well-tested before we went live) but also beautiful! I love that we can keep an affordable maintenance package with them for future needs. These ladies are a well-oiled machine!
Sarah Ferrell
Co-Founder, Director of Operations of ASHANM

You cannot go wrong with P-Brain!

We wanted a website that was simple, functional, beautiful, accurate, well-worded; easily and infinitely expandable and flexible — without a huge budget. P-Brain delivered not only all of those impossible things, but their creativity, suggested enhancements, and engagement delivered a far better product than we imagined.
Sandra MCCardell
Co-Founder, SEED NM

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