Digital Strategy Roadmap Bundle

Define where you are and where you’re going online

Digital Strategy Roadmap: Workbook to Align Online and Offline Operations

Aligning digital strategy with broader goals is essential for all ventures, big and small.

P-Brain Media’s Digital Strategy Roadmap Bundle outlines a systematic approach for small businesses and nonprofits to plan their online operations, along with practical tools to get the job done. It includes:

  • PDF e-guide
  • 7 interactive worksheets
  • Booklet format for print

Who it’s for: Businesses, solopreneurs, nonprofits, community organizations, government agencies and any project seeking to maximize its digital presence.

P-Brain developed the Digital Strategy Roadmap with small ventures in mind, to help demystify digital strategy and offer practical, user-friendly guidance.

Most digital strategy resources focus on enterprise-level companies. But data and lessons gleaned from big business are of limited value for Main Street businesses with lean or nonexistent technology departments.

P-Brain’s e-guide and worksheets walk you through the key business and marketing foundations underlying digital strategy including:

  • understanding and refining your business model
  • defining audiences & the customer journey
  • crafting messaging & brand
  • identifying digital properties & presence
  • setting up metrics, KPIs, conversion goals, landing pages and more.

If you’ve been stuck on your digital journey, this is the resource you need.

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Percentage of customer interactions that were digital in 2023.

In addition to the detailed and user-friendly information packed into the e-guide, our Digital Strategy Roadmap Bundle gives you access to a trove of interactive worksheets:

  • Audience Definition Worksheet
  • Website Accessibility Checklist
  • Campaign Planning Template
  • Digital Properties Inventory
  • Landing Page, CTA & KPI Worksheets, and more.

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