Client: ASHA

P-Brain’s Role: Site design and build

Link: https://www.ashanm.com

Using an existing demo site as a guide, P-Brain created a new site using Kadence Blocks.

Client: The Children’s Hour

P-Brain’s Role: Site build and development

Link: https://www.childrenshour.org

Working from design mockups from The Children’s Hour designer, P-Brain rebuilt the existing site using Kadence Blocks.

Client: Pegasus Law

P-Brain’s Role: Implemented Spanish version of site

Link: https://www.pegasuslaw.org

We researched, installed and configured a plugin to create a Spanish-language version of the Pegasus site.

Client: Medicine @ Downtown

P-Brain’s Role: Site redesign and build

Link: http://www.medicinedowntown.com

Working from an existing site, P-Brain created a new site using Kadence Blocks.

Client: SEEDNM

P-Brain’s Role: Site design and build

Link: https://www.seednm.org

P-Brain created a new site using Kadence Blocks.

Client: Revo Inc

Our Role: Site design and build

Link: https://www.revoinc.org

P-Brain created a new site using Kadence Blocks.

What Our Clients are Saying

The team at P-Brain are outstanding! They are creative, organized, nimble, helpful, and easy to work with. Our situation was unique as we were making big changes to our 27-year-old organization. We were figuring things out as we went and P-Brain was always kind and supportive, allowing us to shift while offering suggestions and support. They were the absolute best.
Juli Hendren
Director of Revo Inc
Working with P-Brain has been fantastic!! Both Peri and Ana are super easy to work with, very responsive to questions and suggestions, and very attentive to details. They are professional and very adept at what they do and are able to explain some of the techier side of things to those of us who are not so techy! We are so happy with the look and feel of our website and couldn’t have been more pleased with the process of getting it up and running. We will be hiring P-Brain to help us update and maintain the site for sure!!
Laura Freed
Co-Founder, Director of Education of ASHANM
Peri and Ana are incredibly smart, efficient and responsive! They were methodical in their approach to understanding our website needs and didn’t waste a minute getting it built! It is not only 100% functional (all integrations well-tested before we went live) but also beautiful! I love that we can keep an affordable maintenance package with them for future needs. These ladies are a well-oiled machine!
Sarah Ferrell
Co-Founder, Director of Operations of ASHANM